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What is a Sensory Garden?

sensory-garden1A sensory garden makes use of plants having special sensory qualities that stimulate the five senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. Sensory gardens are typically divided into five sections: one for each of the senses. The idea of a sensory garden was first conceived for the blind and visually impaired as well as those with special physical, mental and emotional needs. Research has shown that the physical environment can play an important role in promoting an individual's health and sense of well-being. Sensory gardens are now being extended to people of all ages and abilities and are used to regain contact with nature and to gain a fuller appreciation of the natural environment through the use of human senses.

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Garden of the Senses is managed by the Norval Community Association.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

lucy-mod-sign-with-borderLucy Maud Montgomery, Canadian author of the worldwide classic novel, Anne of Green Gables, lived at the Presbyterian Manse in Norval, Ontario from 1926 to 1935. The Lucy Maud Montgomery garden had its beginnings as a “municipal park” in 1992 with traditional municipal plantings and a memorial plaque dedicated to Lucy Maud Montgomery. The garden was developed by the Norval Community Association with assistance from a Canada 125 Grant. The park was renamed the “Lucy Maud Montgomery Garden” in 1994. The heritage aspect of the garden entailed the preservation and display of plants gathered from the village that had been planted in the local gardens during the time Lucy Maud Montgomery lived in the village. The garden is considered to be a plant conservatory. The garden blooms with colour from spring to fall. Lucy Maud Montgomery noted many of her favourite plants in her fictional novels and here in the gardens you can see them growing in her honour. Enjoy quotes from the author in the Gazebo, The Story Girl bronze statue, analemmatic sundial (interactive sundial) all in the heart of Norval Park.

Make a Donation

Donations will help to purchase materials for children’s programming and to increase the plantings at the garden. To donate to the garden, a non-profit initiative click here


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Inspired by the books of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Norval, Ontario