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Special Needs Garden Programs

Our Garden is therapeutic, inclusive and diverse, accommodating those with special needs.  The Garden is a fun-filled interactive sensory garden for people of all ages and abilities, which allows them to regain contact with nature through the use of the human senses.  Research has shown that the physical environment, such as a sensory garden where one interacts with nature through sensory experiences, plays an important role in promoting an individual’s health and well-being.  Sensory experience is achieved through journey and exploration and by providing for both active and passive interactive activities.

Are you interested in a Garden Program for a Special Needs Group?  Our Children’s Garden Programs and Older Adults Garden Herbs Program can be modified based on your interests and the ages, abilities and special needs of your group. 

To Book a Program or make enquiries, please submit an online registration for a Children or Adult Program with specifications on the special needs you would like accommodated. Once we hear from you, we will answer any questions you have and help you in establishing a suitable program and a booking.

Register for a Children’s Special Needs Program
Register for an Adults Special Needs Program

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