Lucy Maud Montgomery Museum and Literary Centre

Fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the famous Canadian author of the novel “Anne of Green Gables”, will soon have a another destination in Norval to visit.

The stately red brick Manse in Norval, Ontario, where Montgomery lived from 1926 to 1935, will become the future site of a Museum and Literary Center dedicated to the author’s legacy.  The L.M. Montgomery Heritage Society, a committee of the Heritage Foundation of Halton Hills, purchased the Manse in 2017.  Fans will be thrilled to know that a piece of history has been preserved.

The Manse and the natural surroundings of Norval were a source of inspiration for Montgomery and her writings.  In a 1927 journal entry, Montgomery wrote ” I love Norval as I have never loved any place save Cavendish…”, her home in Prince Edward Island.

The future Museum and Literacy Centre is another local initiative that will preserve the heritage of Norval and that of Lucy Maud Montgomery.  The Children’s Garden of the Senses, also dedicated to the author’s legacy, will be integrated with the programming for the Museum and Literacy Centre which will focus on horticulture, landscape, writing, reading, environment and trails.  The Garden is within walking distance to the Manse which will allow the opportunity for tourists, school age children and older adults to visit both sites.

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