Why Volunteer?

Being a volunteer at the Lucy Maud Montgomery Children’s Garden of the Senses is a wonderful way to get to know a wide variety of garden plants, nurture an interest in gardening, and learn more about edible plants and herbs.  It is also a great way to develop friendships, be active and participate in the community.

The Children’s Garden is an initiative of the Norval Community Association, a not-for-profit organization.  The Association created and developed the Garden and maintains it on an ongoing basis.  The Association also delivers fun interactive summer Garden Programs for children and older adults in the Garden.  Many of the Norval community events, that are organized by the Association, are held in the Garden. The Association is made of 30 + volunteers from Norval and the surrounding area who enjoy enriching their community and helping out, one way or another, in the Garden.

What You Can Do as a Volunteer

Help beautify and maintain the Garden

During the summer, our volunteers help with planting, watering, weeding, mulching, and other gardening activities, based on their interests and capabilities. Of course, there is always time for relaxation and sharing of refreshments afterwards.

Assist with the delivery of the Garden Programs

Our volunteers provide an extra helping hand to our Garden Program Instructors, engage with the children and older adult participants, and carry out other tasks as needed, such as station setup and cleanup.

Help spread the word and encourage sponsorships

Our volunteers are enthusiastic supporters of our Garden initiative and are most helpful in seeking sponsorships for the much needed Garden Program materials, such as garden tools, soil, demonstration plants, seeds, etc.

Assist with organizing and delivering community events in the Garden

At least one community event or celebration organized by the Association is held each summer in the Garden. Being a volunteer, helping with festivities in the Garden, is a great way to connect with your community and spend a glorious day with your friends and family.

Volunteers, how much or how little you can contribute is totally up to you!  The door is always welcome and your contribution is appreciated. If you are interested in being a volunteer in some capacity, please email Us info@gardenofthesenses.com

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