Hummingbird Garden


No Garden is complete without the beauty of birds and the sounds created by their calls and songs and the hum of their wings.  Our Hummingbird Garden is a garden for all kinds of birds.  This garden begins in the Woodland Garden and winds through the Waterfall Garden to the children’s programming and activity area.

The Hummingbird Garden consists of a diversity of plants, including small trees and flowering shrubs with different heights and horizontal branching for nesting, perching and hiding.  Our waterfall is a source of water, which is essential for attracting birds.  Birds love plants with berries and seeds.

Hummingbirds are attracted to flower colours of red, orange, yellow and pink and to large solitary flowers or to loosely clustered blossoms that droop.  We often see little wrens visiting our colourful bird houses on the palisade wall in the children’s programming and activity area.

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