Spiral Garden

Sight, Sound

The screenings pathway and garden beds of the Spiral Garden are shaped like a spiral, and the pyramidal junipers throughout the garden provide height and emphasize the spiral effect in 3-D.  The heights of other shrubs and perennials in the garden oscillate, rising and falling, creating a feeling of movement, as you travel through the garden.  Your journey to the centre of the Spiral Garden will lead you to a vertical sundial. 

Sight is stimulated by plants with bold vibrant colours of yellow, orange, red and purple, as well as by surprise decorative elements found in the garden.  Sound is created by rustling leaves of a variety of grasses that move and sway in the breeze and translate energy into sound.  These grasses also create winter interest with their form, shape and texture. 

Near the Spiral Garden is the Veteran’s Memorial Plaque with colourful spring bulbs.

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