Sundial and Rock Garden

Touch, Sight

This garden is composed of the Sundial Garden with a stone retaining wall to the north and the Rock Garden to the south.  In the centre of the garden is a limestone patio area with a world-renown interactive Analemmatic Sundial, consisting of a horizontal stone slab with markers for each month and the vertical side of the adjacent stone wall with numbers to represent the hours of the day.

Children, and adults too, love to explore the sundial and the interplay of light and shadow in telling time.

Visitors experience this garden by touching and feeling the myriad tactile textures created by the plants: smooth, rough, grooved, crinkled, soft, velvety, papery, waxy, rubbery, spiky.

The Sundial Garden plants are arranged in a colour spectrum from red, orange, yellow, white, blue, green, lime-green to silvery blue. 

The Rock Garden plants are small and unusual alpine plants which are interspersed between the pitted and grooved sedimentary rocks of the Rock Garden.

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