Waterfall Garden

Sight, Sound

Nestled near the Garden Gazebo is the Waterfall Garden.  As its name suggests there is a waterfall, where water cascades down a small tiered rock wall and re-circulates back to the top to fall again creating a stimulating and refreshing sound.  (For safety reasons there is no pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall.)  A dry creek bed, which mimics the flow of water, leads from the waterfall and passes underneath the woodland bridge.  Garden beds border each side of the creek and contain plants that are visually stimulating: unusual shape, small form, and visual texture. 

Cornerstone plants of the Waterfall Garden are similar to the woodland plants i.e. hostas, ferns and astilbes, except that they are small and dainty in the Waterfall Garden.  Other small woodland plants are featured.  Near the waterfall lies a bronze statue of the Story Girl.  Enjoy the shade and shelter of the Gazebo and tree canopy where you can relax, read a book, and view and hear the waterfall.

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