Woodland Garden

Sight, Touch

Large mature spruce trees with a carpet of coarse woodchips and a variety of woodland plants create a mini-woodland feel.  Children love to explore the stepping stones that weave and wind through the woodland that lead to a log bridge over a dry creek bed.  Sight is stimulated by woodland plants with visual interest: unusual shape, large form, and visual texture. 

Touch is stimulated by the different tactile textures of the woodland plants, such as rubbery leaves, soft fronds, and feathery plumes, and of the feeling underfoot of the stepping stones and woodchips. Cornerstone plants are large hostas, ferns and astilbes.  A wide variety of other woodland shrubs and perennials are there to be discovered. 

Other decorative elements to discover in the woodland are the garden benches, a little statue, and the large Lucy Maud Montgomery Stone and Plaque.

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